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If your aim is to completely synchronize the target Table data with the source, then you’ll use this match condition to DELETE rows.If you’re having trouble understanding how this works, consider the merge condition is like a join condition.NOT MATCHED – This is also known as NOT MATCHED BY TARGET; these are rows from the source table that didn’t match any rows in the target table. In most cases that can be used to infer that the source Rows should be added to the target Table.NOT MATCHED BY SOURCE – these are rows in the target table that were never match by a source record; these are the rows in the orange area.Below is a generalized format for the merge statement.The merge statement works using two tables, the source Table and target Table.Like we did with the insert statement, we’ll use a subquery. MERGE esql Product Target T USING esql Product Source S ON (S. But this time we’ll idenfity rows in esql Product Target not found in esql Product Source.

The two tables are compared using a merge Condition.To do this we can use subquery to find rows in the source table that aren’t in the target. This statement will insert a new row into esql Product Target from all rows in esql Product Source that aren’t found in esql Product Target. This variable will take one of three values: “INSERT”, “UPDATE”, or “DELETE”. INSERT INTO esql Product Target (Product ID, Name, Product Number, Color) SELECT S. That last synchronization activity we need to do, it removes any rows in the target table that are not in SQL Source. We’ll continue to use our example, but this time we’ll log the changes and summarize the changes. If we were going to update the column values in the target table using the source column’s we could do so using the following update statement This statement will update the column in esql Product Target with corresponding column values found in esql Product Source for matching product ID’s. Product ID) Note: I could also use an outer join to do the same. Color WHEN NOT MATCHED BY TARGET THEN INSERT (Product ID, Name, Product Number, Color) VALUES (S. Compare again the Insert statement to the merge statement above. Now let’s look how we can identify the rows from the source table that we need to insert in the product target. Color FROM esql Product Source S WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT T. If you’re interested in why, check out this article. ; therefore, not in the insert portion of the merge. In this case the special variable $action can be used to log the merge action.

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